People Power Businesses. Bundle empowers People. (1)

Learn why clients like Proofpoint, SAP, + Carecentrix use Bundle's live virtual team events to level up their teams, improving cohesiveness, wellbeing, and productivity, while increasing overall company performance.

Let us better understand your company gaps while you learn more about how we can save you time + money. With Bundle, we make planning easy with a dedicated event manager who assists you in selecting or creating the right solution for your people.

Here are a few ways Bundle can support your teams and help them thrive and your company flourish: 

  • 92% of our members say that post sessions they experience decreases in stress, fatigue, and burnout + 89% say they experience improved community, morale, + trust among co-workers.
  • Expert-designed and led events are personalized to help teams meet personal + professional needs + goals.
  • Real-time expert feedback that drives behavioral changes + opportunities to fail safe with practice sessions for improved real-world outcomes.

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People Power Businesses. Bundle empowers People.-1

We provide events that make teams happier, healthier, and more productive + provide companies better business outcomes. 

Our ROI shows up to a 36% increase in employee wellbeing + productivity after just 3 months of employees participating in events.

See the events we offer:

Health + Wellness

Cohesion + Community Building

Professional Development

Our events can be customized to meet your teams needs.  We offer events for teams as small as 3 and larger. Our events manager will help identify your goals, manage registration, support marketing and more...

Easy to use + see immediate employee impact!

Bundle's makes planning events easy! Their staff is knowledgeable and skilled at helping us build an event plan that helped our teams feel more connected and productive, while having a fun time. They are not a one-size fits all solution, but a solution for the many needs our people have.

- Chief of People, Multinational Technology Company